Quality Management 

Design Data Management

In today’s complex construction practices, Quality Management turns out to be a critical aspect for the successful completion of the construction project. Taking leverage on CloudBLM’s Quality Management solutions efficiently monitor different aspect of a Building Lifecycle. 

    Key Modules
  • Issue Management
  • RFI Management
  • BCF Support

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Key Features

3D Viewable

Schedule your reports and receive data regularly. Choose between daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

Role Assignment

By tracking the average time, it takes for the teams to respond to new issues, better decisions can be made

Project Hierarchy

The stages and transitions an issue move through during its lifecycle represent processes within your organization. 

Issue Management 

Intelligent Issue Tracking: CloudBLM offers an integrated Issue and RFI Tracking in real-time with option to tag them to specific BIM elements and BIM Parameter Information.  

Key Features:   

  •  To provide more context for your issues, add priority, labels, estimates, references, and due dates.
  • Issue Types to break down larger tasks into smaller pieces of work.
  • Use issue templates to write issues faster and guide the stakeholders to share information effectively.  
  •  Scheduled Report aids the user to keep track of the project with minimal intervention.

RFI Management

The integrated RFI management with model viewer helps the stakeholders to understand the context of the information request. The history of any event can be traced back to its very beginning.

Key Highlights 

  • In CloudBLM, you can create custom RFI templates to ensure that you always get the information you need  
  • On the dashboard, you will see the status of the RFI, the response, attachments, and all the other information.
  • All employees with appropriate access rights can view RFIs in the software, which speeds up internal communication within the project

BCF Support

CloudBLM supports BCF, or BIM Collaboration Format, a non-proprietary file format that enables coordination information to be communicated completely separately from the 3D model

BCF support aims to facilitate BIM collaboration. This simplifies collaboration between project members since it allows them to submit issues, provide answers, and comment on an open file format.

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Who creates a Project?
A Project is created by a Business Unit Admin who will assign a User as Project Admin. The Project Admin governs th2e entire project.

Who creates a Sub Project?
Sub Project is created by a Project Admin. A Project Admin can create as many Sub Projects as required. Sub project is a logical partition of the project, since a project will have multiple consultants for different disciplines (Arch/Struc/MEP/Landscaping etc.).

What are the Key features of Project and Sub Project Management?
The key features of Project and Sub Project Management are Planning, tracking and analysing model and other data information to improve productivity in the world of Building Lifecycle Management.

What is the benefit of publishing the design data to CloudBLM?
The true value of BIM can only be realized when it is taken beyond the design team – to subcontractors, the owner and facility manager. Providing access to the model and allowing them to contribute and link other information would increase the transparency and will help the field engineers from last minute design related hassles and confusions.

What type of models can I convert?
Any model type such as Furniture, Lighting, HVAC, MEP Elements, Structural or Architectural components can be converted.

What file types are supported?
Currently, all Revit Family (.rfa) and project (.rvt) files are supported.

Will the properties and hierarchy be transferred?
You can export including the part properties, colors as well as all geometries. There will be no loss in any meta data. The hierarchy will be maintained.

What information can I publish from Native Software to CloudBLM?
While publishing the model to a project, the entire project information gets transported to the CloudBLM platform which consists of viewables and element information.