Design Coordination

Design Data Management

Design Coordination is the most important aspect of a Building Design as models from multiple users from various software packages have to be coordinated in real-time and checked for clashes and issues. CloudBLM allows users to coordinate various project models using the Model Viewer, create coordination sets and run clashes with them directly in Navisworks & CloudBLM. The said clashes from Navisworks & CloudBLM clash engine can also be posted back to the application as issues and tracked. The federated model can then be used for further Project Management and exported as an IFC for sharing with other BIM collaborators.

    Key Modules
  • Navisworks Integration & Clash Management
  • Federated 3D Model Viewer
  • Model Coordination in Cloud
  • Built -In Clash Detection

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Key Features

Publish Design

Models from different CAD platforms can be brought into Navisworks without having them exported. The end-to-end file handling can be managed with CloudBLM alone.

3D Viewable

Hard clash or Clearance clash – They are now possible with advanced CloudBLM Clash Engine within the web environment.

Role Assignment

CloudBLM allows seamless coordination of models from a variety of file formats without requiring any file exports.

Role Assignment

The industry common file format IFC, which is exported and imported by CloudBLM, allows collaboration with users outside the CloudBLM environment.

Federated 3D Model Viewer

Key Highlights

A truly coordinated 3D viewing experience of models resourced from various design software.

  • Split layouts allow for dynamic navigation in the model, giving users better insight into the model.
  • Dimensions of any element or between elements can be measured whenever necessary.
  • Model viewer provides access to all the properties and specifications of the building elements.

Custom Properties: Option to add custom properties for Assets and BIM model items within CloudBLM to easily connect the data with ERP and Costing tools.

Web & App Viewer:​ 

    Option to view the models and associated information both with Web viewer and app-based viewer for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Offline Mode:

    Offline support for the Web viewer and app-based viewer in Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Version Control:

  • Version Control is a mechanism to track the changes with every Iteration and Revision. 
  • Every upload is considered as an iteration and when a final resolution is attained, the record updates version number.  

Cloud-Based Model Coordination

Key Highlights 

  • A unified design review and coordination platform which enables project team to work efficiently.  
  • Integration of models can be performed without using any CAD tools.
  • Published projects can be federated, clash detection can be handled, and the results can be shared with all necessary people. 
  • Issues, RFIs, and Assets can be retrieved at any given time 
  • Mobile devices let anyone access the models and other technical information no matter where they are.

IFC Import / Export 

  • CloudBLM enables bi-directional support for Importing IFC file into the model directory and export of federated models as IFC.  
  • Coordinate with models from design applications not directly supported by CloudBLM with the IFC import option.
  • The federated model from multiple sources can also be exported as an IFC file (2x3 or 4.0), to be imported and used in any other BIM application.

Built – In Clash Detection

  • With the CloudBLM Clash Engine, a server-based clash detection, users can run Hard & Clearance clashes with a set tolerance between models.
  • Clashes can be categorized by identity and pattern, which enables the users to better respond to them.
  • In order to ensure the reliability of information from the application, clash reports can be scheduled at a predetermined time.

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Who creates a Project?
A Project is created by a Business Unit Admin who will assign a User as Project Admin. The Project Admin governs th2e entire project.

Who creates a Sub Project?
Sub Project is created by a Project Admin. A Project Admin can create as many Sub Projects as required. Sub project is a logical partition of the project, since a project will have multiple consultants for different disciplines (Arch/Struc/MEP/Landscaping etc.).

What are the Key features of Project and Sub Project Management?
The key features of Project and Sub Project Management are Planning, tracking and analysing model and other data information to improve productivity in the world of Building Lifecycle Management.

What is the benefit of publishing the design data to CloudBLM?
The true value of BIM can only be realized when it is taken beyond the design team – to subcontractors, the owner and facility manager. Providing access to the model and allowing them to contribute and link other information would increase the transparency and will help the field engineers from last minute design related hassles and confusions.

What type of models can I convert?
Any model type such as Furniture, Lighting, HVAC, MEP Elements, Structural or Architectural components can be converted.

What file types are supported?
Currently, all Revit Family (.rfa) and project (.rvt) files are supported.

Will the properties and hierarchy be transferred?
You can export including the part properties, colors as well as all geometries. There will be no loss in any meta data. The hierarchy will be maintained.

What information can I publish from Native Software to CloudBLM?
While publishing the model to a project, the entire project information gets transported to the CloudBLM platform which consists of viewables and element information.