3D Viewer

3D Viewer

3D Viewer provides you a seamless viewing experience of your CAD models with incredible navigation tools along with integrated Issue/RFI creation functionalities which can be accessed without a native software license. It provides you with multiple key functionalities such as Model rendering, Grouping, Iterations, and measuring tools to enhance the analysis of your models. 

    Key Modules
  • Element Property Information
  • Create Issues and RFI from your model
  • Grouping
  • Create Issues/RFI from Properties, Dimensions and Elements
  • Save preference based configurations to instantly load models
  • Mini Viewer to view assets

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Key Features


Create cross-section views of the 3D models using clipping; hide individual elements or categories based on the selection so as to filter out the required items within the scene area


Group elements based on categories and Colorize, Hide & apply Transparency​ to the grouped elements



Save all the iterations to check and verify between different versions of the model​ published throughout the project

Element Tagging

Tag every element while creating issues so that the same is visible inside the Revit platform as well


Sync the clashes with the Navisworks plugin and pass the information to the CloudBLM system in real-time

Issue Creation

Create Issues/RFI directly from the viewer, for any of the BIM data and model elements​ published

Visibility Control

3D Views saved based on user preference within Revit can be retrieved within the viewer


Measure distances within the 3D model, create dimensions and organize saved measurements within the model to examine more efficiently

Property Information

Retrieve all the property information of an element as saved in the native software and effortlessly search for the elements with a specified property information across model(s)

Web Viewer

Browser Support 

  • Apart from Desktop-supported 3D Viewer, CloudBLM’s 3D Viewer supports all the major browsers. Using a web-based viewer, users can access models without any native software licenses. With an interactive viewer and property information, 3D Viewer can be accessed with any browser at an optimal system requirement. 
  • Supported Operating Systems  : Microsoft Windows and Mac OS 

Desktop Viewer

    CloudBLM viewer also has an app-based access point which can be installed on any Windows/Mac Desktops and Laptops. The Desktop app enhances the model reviewing capabilities, especially for huge models that otherwise might be heavy for the Web viewer to process. The Desktop app provides all reviewing and model coordination features offered by the Web viewer and the transition between the web and desktop interfaces is smooth to make sure users can continue the model review hassle-free.

Mobile/Tab Viewer​

    CloudBLM viewer also has an app-based access point which can be installed on any Android and iOS devices such as Phones and Tablets. This enables the users to access real-time Design and Construction information from anywhere at any time right in their hands. Users at the Construction site can quickly capture a camera shot of the under-construction buildings and create RFIs/Issues out of them which can be tagged to specific users and can be monitored through the defined workflows for the same. This simplifies the communication between the design office and the site as changes are captured and communicated instantly.

3D Viewer Features

Viewer ​ Navigation: Pan / Zoom / Rotate - Section Clipping - Hide / Unhide   

  • Control the 3D scene using Zoom / Pan / Rotate options to navigate within the viewer 
  • Create cross-section views (clipping planes) of the 3D models and select or view objects without any hassle 
  • Hide individual elements or categories within the scene area based on user preference 


    Create & View Configurations  - Choose models from the model directory and save them as custom configurations based on user preference 

Data Management - Link with Autodesk Revit/Navisworks​ 

  • 3D Views - Retrieve saved 3D Views within Revit 
  • Sync Clashes - Clashes are synched with the Navisworks plugin and the information is passed to the BLM system in real-time 


  • Group Elements - Visually group elements based on their categories and modify the color of the model elements, switch them transparent, and highlight them based on selection.

Offline Viewer​

Offline Viewer 

    CloudBLM offers critical information into the hands of those on the field to enable better connectivity and coordination when offline. Sync automatically on active internet so that all the unaccounted activities are captured. Mobile applications (iOS and Android) have offline capabilities regardless of whether you're using the application on a tablet or smartphone. Creating Markups/Issues/RFI offline and the event gets queued before connecting to the network. 

    Key Features :
  • Supports features such as Project Management, RFI/Issue Management, 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, Common Data Environment  
  • Download the files to the offline app
  • Sync with the Application instantly 

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3D Viewer
What is the difference between 2D and 3D Viewer?
2D Viewer, is a used to view basic drawings which are exported from the models. Whereas 3D Viewer is used view 3D Models as well as Assets exported from the model.

What are the feature available within the 3D Viewer module?
Create and save markups from 2D Viewer, raise markups as issues and RFI’s are few of the key feature within the 2D Viewer.

Can I raise the markup as Issues from 3D Viewer?
Markups can be raised using 3D viewer and Issues created across all available platforms are listed for the user to visually identify which element needs attention.