Cloud BLM

Launching new Cloud Building Lifecycle Management - Design, Construct & Operate a facility with single set of interoperable data


Cloud Building Lifecycle Management

Design, Construct & Operate a facility with single set of interoperable data

CloudBLM is a unit of SrinSoft Inc, an engineering solutions company headquartered in Ohio, USA. Building Lifecycle Management (BLM) is the practice of designing, constructing, and operating a facility with a single set of interoperable data. Key Benefits: Improve Productivity, Increase Quality and Value from Suppliers, Reduce Waste, Risk and Cost.

Features of collaborated Revit, PDM Systems and BIM 360/Forge Platforms:
  • Digital 3D Model
  • Design Information
  • Model/Drawing Lifecycle Management
  • Document Management
  • 3D Visualization
  • Common Data Environment
  • Version Control
  • Release Management
BLM Building Lifecycle Management


List of some features included in Cloud BLM

Digital 3D Model

Build BIM models regardless of geometric complexity with powerful surface, wireframe & solid modeling.

Design Information

Ensure that drawings are up to date and accurately represent your design by publishing design model views. Link specifications, engineering calculations, and equipment documentation to models and drawings to support building operations.

Model/Drawing Lifecycle Management

Clear Communication of construction intent, allowing engineers to avoid the creation of amending documentation to clarify 2D drawings.

Version Control

Handle your project documents many times from its first iteration to its final one. Keep track of significant changes, and communicate updates in a timely manner

Release Management

Manage, Plan, schedule and control the BIM Models built through different stages and environments; including quality check and submitting the models

Common Data Environment

Create a single source of information to facilitate collaboration between project team members and helps avoid duplication and mistakes

3D Visualization

The process is aimed at achieving efficiency through visualization of building components into an early design process that will dictate changes and modifications to the actual construction process.

Document Management

Manage the flow of information between the project participants, securely and efficiently. Facilitate, collaborate, share information, report and track all the BIM documents

Issue Management

Ability to track Issues & Risks and generate reports including Issue Logs and Risk Logs across the project management cycle

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Cloud BLM is a new approach to CAD Interoperability; With BIMDeX in action, we no longer have difficulties in the management of design process

CAD MANAGER Leading Kitchen Equipment Manufcaturing Company

We have a long list of items on our product roadmap. By using BIMDeX, we have a better chance of getting them up before our competition

BIM MANAGER American Multinational Technology Company

BIMDeX is more than just an interoperability tool; It empowers our design staff to work productively with the design software they prefer

GLOBAL TECHNICAL MANAGER Multinational Mass Media and Entertainment Company

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